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Pets are family members, and should be treated as such. Pet photography started with my general love of all animals. I believe they need to be cherished and captured in their natural environment. Natural lighting and familiar settings is when we can really capture the essence of each animal. In my pet photography the pet is the primary focus of each session. I do allow one person in each session, but they are typically not the focus. If you have any type of creative ideas you would like to try, let’s chat!

single session $250




what to expect

What is included in a sitting session?

In your session we will find a location that works best for your pet. I will come with all the equipment necessary to  capture some great images of your loved one. It is best to photograph them in their natural environment, as I find this truly captures their personality best. We will shoot around for 2-3 hours and find the best way to showcase your animal.

Do you have a studio? 

I do not have a studio. I come to any given location and use mostly available light. Once we talk about your expectations and creative vision, if a studio is necessary I can secure a location.

How long till I can view my images?

It takes time to truly weed thru all the images and make the best selections. I like to evolve you in a lot of my editorial decision making. Within seven days I will send you a link for you to view all of our set ups, and you can weigh in on your favorites. From there it will take me another seven days to process and perfect each selected shot. I will deliver all final images on a custom USB drive within two weeks of your session.

What is the process to book your time? 

In order to book time you must have a completed contract, and 20% deposit made. This can be taken care of in person or sent to my office. I recommend reaching out at least two months in advance to make sure I have the availability.