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Kasey + Cori

This wedding was filled with nothing but love. Kasey and Cori have an amazing story that is showing thru the kinda words, and simple gestures of their family on this special day. Held at the family farm in Whitestown the was the perfect backdrop for Kasey to bring our her creative spirit. Working for Anthropologie Kasey as a wonderful eye for design and beautiful things. Their libations were perfection and the food truck was a great way for all the guest to mingle and enjoy the campfire. I was very excited to be a part of their day.
Ceremony Venue: Lennox Family Farm
Wedding Venue: Lennox Family Farm
Photographer: Emily Gage Photography

Nicole + Vern

(Engagement Video)

Nicole has been in my life for many years, and I have truly enjoyed watching her journey to meeting Vern. I was asked to be with her on her special day as a brides maid, and could not be her videographer. So, we hatched this great plan for an engagement video. It was perfect for what this coupled needed, as they met and got married in very short order. Their families came from different states, and did not have a chance to really get to know the other. This was a perfect video to show before the wedding, as an introduction to their background and who they are as a couple.